Currently, Spiros Geropoulos is dealing with a number of different activities, both professional and “beyond professional”.



IT Industry:

He works as an IT Administrator in a number of organizations.

His objective, is to make IT Services easy to understand and use, to all kinds of users. He tries to meet user requirements, providing handy, automatic and reliable solutions.


He has been trained as an Adult Trainer. He works as an Adult Trainer in a number of organizations.

His objective, is to make the learning process a pleasant one, based on the existing experience of the trainees. He can design, prepare and implement training programs for adults:

  • He designs the contents of the training programs, according to the trainee level.
  • He designs the course of the training programs, based on the principles of active adult training methods.
  • He chooses the educational media and tools.
  • He adapts training programs for in-class, distance learning or mixed mode teaching.
  • He prepares training programs for teaching through the platforms BlackBoard and Moodle.
  • He teaches training programs.

Photo - Video Productions:

He runs photo and video projects, as a freelancer.

He travels all over Greece and he records the beauty of the Greek landscapes.


Digital Albums and Printouts:

He makes on-demand digital photo albums and large photo printouts, of his photos.

Beauty, must be shown. There are many ways to do this and Spiros can think of many such ways.


4x4 Excursions:

He is organizing 4×4 off-road trips. He takes part in excursions of auto clubs and he makes photo and video productions, for those trips.



He builds LEGO® models and sets up LEGO® exhibitions and events.

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