Since: Until: Subject:
2012 2015 IT Consultant in research, on transplant coordination and virtual benching for research protocols.
2012 2015 IT Consultant and technical support in the production of DVD presentations, in research protocols for telemedicine applications in the prevention of amputations in Greece.
 January 2009  Today Design of the new integrated Hospital Information System, for the Areteio University Hospital.
 September 1999  July 2000 Design, implementation and management of experimental videoconferencing rooms and networks, for personal and group videoconferences.
 July 1998  March 1999 Integrated Information System for Ethel SA: Evaluation of the existing information workflows and design of an enhanced IS.
 September 1998  November 1998 Integrated Information System of the Ministry of Aegean: Design of the architecture, the geographical distribution of applications and services and the necessary ICT infrastructure.
 November 1994  July 1996 Research on the software reuse culture and methods, for Software engineers. Published at the ECBS ’96 Symposium and Workshop, IEEE, Friedrichshafen, Germany, March 1996.
 October 1992  February 1994 Design of a data repository for software reuse, as a standalone tool or a CASE module, under the PAVE project 10690Β. Published at the 4th Panhellenic Conference on Informatics, GCS, Rio Patras, December 1993.

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