It is an art to try to depict the world around us, in scale.

It is a form of sculpting, to try to materialize figments of our imagination, into 3D models.


When we try to create 3D models with the predefined LEGO® parts, we add an extra challenge to the creative process: we refuse to ourselves, the unrestricted creative capabilities of the free selection of materials. When we use LEGO® parts we need to find ways to create our model under the constraints imposed by the limited variety of the LEGO® parts we have in our disposal. And, usually, we never have enough LEGO® parts - or we never have certain LEGO® parts - to make our models, so we need to find ways to overcome these shortages.

With LEGO®, our brain is challenged to find solutions under certain restrictions.

You can see Spiros' LEGO® creations in the Portfolio.

Spiros has been a member, President and Ambassador of the Greek LEGO® Users Group,

He organizes LEGO® events and custom builds.


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